This subject couldn’t be more important and over the years we have encountered so many patients, parents, loved ones and carers who all tell the same story… something not quite right with their child, physical and behavioural abnormalities, a bad gut-feeling about persistent complaints. Reassurances or dismissals of symptoms leading to misdiagnoses.  Lost time and the nagging sense of if only we’d known and acted earlier.

Awareness and early diagnosis of Childhood Cancer or Leukaemia are everything. Swift action can give children a head-start against these cruel diseases and a fighting chance of survival.

We have compiled this booklet to share some vital facts to raise awareness around this topic.  

Patients and families who have lived through this nightmare have been generous enough to share their stories with us, stories of heart-breaking diagnosis and traumatic treatment. The message that runs through them all couldn’t be clearer – early detection saves lives.

Please read our booklet and share these essential lessons with the parents you know.
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