We are delighted to report that CWJ are really on course with their fundraising campaign to purchase three AV1 No Isolation Robots. ‘Clarky’ and ‘Wrighty’ (see page 19 ) are in full swing and currently assisting two of our young cancer patients in the Bromley Borough. This is thanks to CWJ staff and clients including Alis Ahemodova, Odette Gordon, and most recently, Paris Shaw, who took part in our tandem team skydives. CWJ’s most recent fundraiser was a dog walk in September. Their annual Christmas shopping event is planned for Wednesday 27th November open to anyone who would like to drop in and grab some fantastic presents for Christmas. Thank you for your support and we are sure ‘Jakey’ will be making an appearance soon.

Health Scrutiny Committee Meeting
We were honoured to be invited by Chairperson Councillor Mary Cooke to attend and speak at the Bromley Borough’s Health Scrutiny Committee Meeting in the Council Chambers at the Bromley Civic Centre on Tuesday 8th October 2019. Michelle Simpson gave a 20-minute presentation on the work of The Chartwell Cancer Trust to Committee Members and guests. There was a lot of interest in the room and, as a result, Michelle has been invited back to update the Committee at their next meeting in 6 months’ time. Councillor Mary Cooke thanked Michelle for her very interesting and informative presentation and we very much look forward to exploring ways of working together in the months’ to come. JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB
As part of their ongoing support to The Chartwell Cancer Trust, The JAG’s are hosting their annual Christmas Party on Saturday 7th December at their own club venue in Biggin Hill. As well as Jaguar Members, the party has been extended to everyone who would like to support The CCT. There will be a delicious three course meal, mince pies, and lots of fun and live entertainment. ‘Swing’ is the theme and you are invited to adorn 1940-50s attire! Tickets are £35.00 per person. If you would like more information, contact the office on 01959 570322 or email

The London Welsh Male Voice Choir came to Bromley
Annual Supporters Valley Primary School held their grand finale fundraising event for The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust on Saturday 21st September. It was a magnificent concert with the London Welsh Male Voice Choir at St Peter and St Pauls’ Bromley Parish Church. Valley School’s Head Teacher, Stephen Jackson, also sings in the choir. This was a real treat. The Welsh Male Voice Choir are in constant demand and boast performances in some of the world’s most famous concert venues. The concert in the Bromley Parish Church, was no exception. It was a truly fantastic evening of music with the internationally renowned choir singing songs to satisfy every musical taste. Men of Harlech, Myfanwy, Bring Him Home and There is Nothing Like a Dame were all on the programme. The choir was conducted by Musical Director, Dr Edward-Rhys Harry. Their stunning voices, amplified, by the fabulous acoustics in the church, moved the audience to tears and shouts of joy. The bigger the acoustic, the longer the echo, the better the experience and the closer it brought the audience to musical heaven. The evening was enhanced with the choir’s very own accompanist, Annabel Thwaite who is recognised as one of the most versatile and charismatic pianists. The solo spots were taken by; Matthew Jones, playing the violin and viola; ex-Valley pupil and upcoming star Michael Hews on trombone and Jacob Collins on the organ. Special thanks to Stephen Jackson for making this event happen, to the Valley PTA for their hard work behind the scenes and to everyone who attended. Valley School’s goal was to raise enough money to purchase AV1 ‘No Isolation’ Robots, which they have now successfully done.

Valley Primary School
Supporters Valley Primary School have had a fantastic year of fundraising. Overall, they raised around £6,000 for The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust. The funds will be used to purchase AV1 No Isolation Robots. Throughout the school year, they organised own clothes day, Let’s Go Green events, Christmas and Summer fairs. The grand finale event was their ‘London Welsh Male Voice Choir Concert’ on Saturday 21st September. Let’s also not forget their Guinness World Record attempt for the longest line of pom-poms! To thank all of the children for their hard work and dedication, Charlie Chartwell, paid the children a surprise visit in one of their assemblies, to their delight! The children were so excited that Charlie joined them on the playground at break time. He was very well behaved! Thank you to Valley Primary School, the children, parents and teachers for their amazing support. LAPTOP AND LIPSTICKS

Annual supporters Laptops and Lipstick have been busy fundraising since their summer drinks event in July. The ladies networking group has been supporting us for over two years. Now in their third year, they kick-started their fundraising by entering a boat into the Charity’s Dragon Boat Race on Saturday 7th September. That very same month, Laptops member, Josie Foster, bravely jumped out of a plane at our team tandem skydive (see page 22). Fantastic job, thank you to you all and keep up the good work ladies.