A trip to Cineworld on Sunday 28th July to watch Toy Story4 was a real hit with the Tiger Ward Group! The group were treated to their own private viewing and goodies to boot! Many of the children even brought their own Toy Story toys along with them! Isaac, Orlagh and Emilia were so excited to be going to the cinema (right). This was Orlagh’s first trip out since she became sick, due to risk of infection. The meet ups really do make such a difference.

O ver in Bromley, also on Sunday 28th July, we hosted ‘Chartwell’s Got Talent’ in the Playzone at Bromley Football Club. Our very talented children were keen to impress with their variety of acts, which included singing, dancing and even a violin solo. It was a great show and there was not a dry eye in the house. This was followed by a grand finale from The Greatest Showman featuring all of the children. Everyone got involved, and those who did not want to be on stage, helped behind the scenes! Whilst deciding the winner, everyone enjoyed a delicious party tea. It proved an impossible task, as in our eyes, they are all champions. Instead, everyone took it in turns to wear the special ‘CGT’ crown, had their paparazzi pictures taken, and chose a prize. The afternoon finished with some traditional party games and the ‘Hokey Cokey’, a firm favourite! It was lots of fun and one of the children told Michelle that this was the best meet up ever! Thank you to Bromley FC for being wonderful hosts and for always making us so welcome. We also welcomed our newest members to the group, ‘Three dads and their babies’. O n Sunday 1st September, the Tiger Ward Group children met at Pizza Express in Bexleyheath to make pizzas and play games. It was a great opportunity for the families to get together, to not only offer support to each other, but to enjoy very tasty pizzas! The chef also had the children throwing dough across the table, which, the children absolutely loved!

On Wednesday 28th August, The Frog Group went on a swashbuckling adventure with Pirate Dan. The children and adults had an amazing time following a map to find the hidden treasure. They spent the day sailing the seas hunting for the treasure that nobody else could find. They also walked through swamps, crept past sleeping crocodiles, and after much digging in the sand, found the treasure at last! Everyone had a wonderful, but thoroughly exhausting time!

On Wednesday 21st September, our budding sea-farers donned their life jackets for an immersive and interactive journey across the Ocean at the ‘You, Me & the Sea’ interactive experience in The Glades, Bromley. The children explored the history of nautical travel, learnt about famous explorers, and even took a trip to the depths of the seabed in The Glades’ Submarine. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed taking part. Thank you to The Glades for inviting us along to our own private session.

There are currently four Chartwell Cancer Trust Childhood Cancer Support Groups.

The Tiger Ward Childhood Cancer Support Group for oncology children being treated in the Tiger Ward, Queen Elizabeth Hospital up until six months’ post-treatment.

The Frog Childhood Cancer Support Group – for children receiving oncology treatment for up to six months’ post-treatment, Croydon University Hospital.

The Bromley Childhood Cancer Support Group – for children receiving oncology treatment and post-treatment who reside in Bromley and the local surrounding areas.

The King’s Childhood Cancer Support Group – for children receiving oncology treatment at King’s College Hospital and post-treatment.


*The groups have their own Facebook pages where members can find further information on group activities and future meet-ups.