On Sunday 9th June, a team of 40 took part in the 5k Mud Monsters Obstacle Course. Four-year-old, Jess Scott, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma two and a half years ago and is currently being treated on Toni & Guy Ward, King’s College Hospital. Jess’s mum, Charley Scott, organised the event to help raise money in aid of The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust reports….

“Yep! It’s true! Two weeks ago, forty of us ran 5k through deep puddles of mud, horse manure and much much more at the Mud Monsters Obstacle Course to raise money for The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust.

“Our four-year-old daughter, Jess, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma two and a half years ago. Last summer, we had the most incredible day arranged by The CCCT with fly2help. It was the first time we felt like we were doing something fun and interesting as a family, rather than the everyday avoidance of public places in case Jess picked up some bug or other and needed to go into hospital. We had such a magical time. There and then we decided we wanted to support families like us.

“And so we chose a sponsored Mud Monsters day. It began with 20 eager children taking part in the 2/3km obstacle course. They absolutely loved climbing the nets, jumping in the muddy ditches and clambering down the muddy banks into extremely muddy streams. They finished the course very pleased with themselves and very deserving of their medals.

“Then it was the turn of us adults! 20 of us, including, The Chartwell Cancer Trust’s, Michelle Simpson, began a huge endurance test. There were 10ft sheer walls to clamber up, tyre walls, mud pools up to our chests to walk through, flooded muddy concrete pipes to scramble though, and, let your imagination go wild, many more muddy moments! Safe to say, our white ‘Team Scott’ T-shirts were not so white by the end. And the mud absolutely stank! When flies are chasing you, it can’t be a good sign! We were advised to keep our mouths shut!

“It was a huge challenge. It took us two and a half hours to complete the 5k course, with approx. 40+ obstacles along the route. It was tough, but nothing compared to the journey children living with cancer go through. Watching Jess go through so much on her journey, kept us all going till the bitter end. We laughed the whole way and the team work was phenomenal – and that is what it’s all about when your child or someone you know has cancer – teamwork. We could not have got through these last few years without the support of our family, friends and charities like The CCCT along the way. Thank you to The CCCT for being so truly brilliant. We are extremely proud to have raised over £5k. We know it will go towards putting smiles on the faces of these incredible brave and courageous children.”