Louis — the boy who ‘Won at Life’

Louis Kayum was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2015 when he was three years old. However, this did not stop him from living life to the full, determined not to let his illness stand in his way.

Well loved, Louis brought joy to his family and friends and to anyone who was fortunate enough to meet him. He continued to attend school as much as he could and absolutely loved performing, never shy of being on stage in front of a crowd.

We were lucky to have met Louis and his family through The King’s CCT Childhood Cancer Support Group meet-ups. We also spent a very special day with the family at the charity Air Smiles Day in August last year, a day full of treasured memories.

Sadly, Louis passed away at just seven years old in December 2018 after a long brave battle including several major operations and gruelling treatment.

The love he gave and the difference he made to those around him will never be forgotten. The boy who ‘Won at Life’.

Dickon Exton, whose son attends the same primary school as Louis and is friends with Louis’s older brother, took part in the Grand Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 24th February in celebration of the life of Louis Kayum.

Congratulations and well done to Dickon, for raising almost £1,000 for The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust, the funds allocated to the children’s cancer ward at King’s College Hospital where Louis was treated.