We are very pleased to report, that after a year of planning, the refurbishment of the Toni & Guy Ward cubicles and playroom has commenced. This has been inspired by Charley Scott, who spent many days and nights on the ward, when her daughter was receiving treatment. At that time, Charley thought that all of the 11 existing rooms were bland, featureless, cold and unwelcoming. She decided that they needed brightening up to create a colourful, spacious and much warmer atmosphere.

After careful, planning and design, each room will be brightly painted in especially colour matched paint, donated by Dulux. One wall in each room will be decorated in mural wallpaper, the fantastic designs chosen by the children and teenagers from the ward, donated by Mural Wallpapers. There is a dedicated team of decorators ‘800 Group’, who are coming in across several weekends to carry out the work to ensure there is as minimum disruption as possible. So far, five cubicles and the playroom has been completed. New TV’s, whiteboards, picture frames and sensory ceiling panels are next on the agenda for each cubicle and an interactive magic gaming floor for the playroom.

Thank you so much to Charley, Herne Hill School and Kingfishers Charity, for raising the funds to make this happen and 800 group for their excellent decorating skills to bring the dream to a reality. The children’s visits to the ward are so much brighter.