Our amazing Walking Tigers set off on 8th July from The Globe Theatre in
London to begin their six day journey, 162 miles and some more to the Eiffel
Tower in Paris!  The Tigers have been training for ten months, driven by
Phil Bone and his team starting from walks in the woods, hill climbing and
over a few months of training have evolved into lean, mean walking machines!

Despite aching muscles, tiredness and voracious appetites, those hills that
were viewed as mountains in the beginning were reduced to anthills!  The
group, now “experienced trekkers” were able to cover distances in excess of
25 miles, conquering all weathers. They have come so far.

And… as well as all this, they have tirelessly fundraised for the CCT Tiger
Ward smashing their initial target, which is now over £20,000!

We had a phone call on 13th July from Phil to say that the team had safely
arrived at the Eiffel Tower, exhausted but not too tired for a nice cold,
well-deserved beer.  We know they will all be celebrating despite what they
have been through, and we are delighted that they accomplished their
challenge so well.  You are all amazing!   With love from everyone at CCT
Tiger Ward and The CCT.